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Although most hot tub users use their spa all winter, some for various reasons shut down their hot tub for the winter. This tutorial may help if you do the same.

Its common that service tech will pour hot tub antifreeze into some areas of your spa to winterize it. If they used the common types of antifreeze it will harmlessly blend with fresh water.

Common connections that are loosen or open are:

a. One or both sides of the heater.

b. Pump unions and if available pump drain.

c. Built in spa drain.

d. Some techs will loosen and open some of the spa's plumbing to cause more drainage.

To startup your hottub make sure all of the above are tighten. As a note, most newer hot tubs have simple hand tighten connections. Its best to avoid using a wrench to tighten because its very easy to snap the union/coupling and require replumbing of the broken fixture.

Our experience is very simple. Fill the spa up where your filter is located. This should help you avoid air locks in your pumps. Fill the spa to a specific level you can remember. Leave the spa overnight. Check the next day for water leaks and the spa's water level going down. If the level remains the same and no sign of leakage, turn on main power. Now watch for any water lowering when the spa/pumps are on. If none, you are likely ready to go.



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