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OEM Manuals

Original operation manuals for Gatsby Spas, Jacuzzi Whirlpool Spas,
and Jacuzzi Premium Hot Tubs

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Clear Creek Spas 

We wrote our own repair manual focusing on Jacuzzi Whirlpool Spa Hot Tubs.
We use to charge for this but now its free.

Clear Creek Spas

We wrote a basic repair manual for Gatsby Hot Tubs.
We use to charge but now its free.

Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath Hot Tubs

1994-1998Platinum SeriesClick Here
1994-1996Premier SeriesClick Here
1994-1996Z Series LCDClick Here
1996-1997Z Series AnalogClick Here
1997-2001Select SeriesClick Here
1997-2001Z Series DigitalClick Here
1997-2001Essence SeriesClick Here
1998-2002Platinum SeriesClick Here
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Jacuzzi Premium Models

2002J-300 w/LEDClick Here
2002J-300 w/LCDClick Here
2003J-300 w/LEDClick Here
2003J-300 w/LCDClick Here
2004J-300 w/LEDClick Here
2004J-300 w/LCDClick Here
2005J-200 w/LEDClick Here
2005J-300 w/LEDClick Here
2005J-300 w/LCDClick Here
2006J-200 w/LEDClick Here
2006J-300 w/LEDClick Here
2006J-300 w/LCDClick Here
2006J-400 w/LCDClick Here
2007J-200 w/LEDClick Here
2007J-300 w/LEDClick Here
2007J-400 w/LCDClick Here
2008J-200 w/LEDClick Here
2008J-300 w/LEDClick Here
2008J-400 w/LCDClick Here
2009J-200 w/LEDClick Here
2009J-300 w/LEDClick Here
2009J-400 w/LCDClick Here
2010J-200 w/LEDClick Here
2010J-300 w/LEDClick Here
2010J-400 w/LCDClick Here
2011J-200 w/LEDClick Here
2011J-300 w/LEDClick Here
2011J-400 w/LCDClick Here
2012J-200 w/LEDClick Here
2012J-300 w/LEDClick Here
2012J-400 w/LCDClick Here
2013J-200 w/LEDClick Here
2013J-300 w/LEDClick Here
2013J-400 w/LCDClick Here
2013LX and LXLClick Here
2014J-200 w/LEDClick Here
2014J-300 w/LEDClick Here
2014J-400 w/LCDClick Here
2014LX and LXLClick Here
2015J-200 w/LEDClick Here
2015J-300Click Here
2015J-400Click Here
2015J-500Click Here
2015J-LX/LXLClick Here
2016J-200Click Here
2016J-300Click Here
2016J-400Click Here
2016J-500Click Here
2016J-LX/LXLClick Here
2017J-200Click Here
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Gatsby Division

Nameplates: Gatsby, Blueridge, Swiftriver, Whiteriver, Imperial, and Others
Built 1999-2002

Model SetupGet
Convertible 115/230Click Here
230v Only Jet PumpsClick Here
230v With Jet and Circ PumpClick Here

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