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Often the most challenging thing is not the actual install but figuring out just what is wrong. The symptoms may be misleading. Commonly what seems to be the problem is not.

We can REALLY help! "DIAGNOSTICS" is here to help you figure out what is actually broken and advise you what to do. 

If you need more help, we are an email or text away.

  1. "Nothing Comes On.... Nothing."  No topside. No Lights. Its actually a good thing because it becomes easier to find.   Learn More...
  2. "Everything works but XXXX."  If you say the #2 Pump doesn't come on but everything else works and its operating normally... then it's the #2 Pump. But when everything works but its not heating, then we need to look deeper.  Learn More...
  3. "It doesn't heat."  The #1 failure. It can be a number of things but lets see if we can isolate the failure.   Learn More...
  4. "It wasn't working but now it is. What do you think it is?"  Unfortunately you will have to wait until something ISN'T working. Sporatic failure is impossible to solve unless you want to start throwing parts at it. Rarely do you need to be a part thrower if you are patient. There are systems that record events and authorized techs can access that. But most do not.
  5. "Its tripping the GFCI" It is manditory you have a GFCI protected hot tub. You can identify them by the "TEST" button on either a cord, subpanel, or main house panel. A hot tub is NOT SAFE without.. Even DANGEROUS.    Learn More...
  6. It seems the heater failing is the most common issue. How do you test in place? What are the tests you can run?  Learn More
  7. What is your "Secret Click Method"? And what spas does it apply to? What will it help me do? Learn More

For more help see our "TUTOR" pages that teach you what you need to know in simple language. 

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