Winchester, Kensington, Richmond, M45, M35, and M25 Models

Winchester, Kensington, Richmond, M45, M35, and M25 are different nameplates for basically the same hot tub. Each has a variation of the same design.

Many parts are interchangeable EXCEPT electrical. Some models use a design accepting either 115 or 230v and has ONE 115v 2 speed jet pump. Other models operate ONLY on 230v and have TWO 230v jet pumps. So use caution when ordering electronics. Electronic parts can not be returned because they are wrong; only for warranty. If you apply the wrong voltage to these parts it will void the warranty.

These models were sold through Costco, Member's Mark, and Amazon.Com websites. 

For Help indentifying parts of a control box LOOK at Bottom of Page. Any questions contact us at 

OEM manual available here.

On models with ONE jet pump, it will be a 115v 2 speed jet pump. Check motor label to confirm.
On models with TWO jet pumps the spa will only operate on 230v and the equipment will reflect that. ALSO check motor voltage ratings.
#1  jet pump is a 2 speed pump that supplies "low" for low speed, filtering, and heating and a "high" speed for maximize water through the jets.
Models with a second jet pump always have a one speed motor and the "High" speed for maximum water action in that zone.
Original pump motor design has been changed to a new "bracket cradle" design that allows more micro adjustments. If your spa used the older welded foot designed motor you will have to replace with a "bracket" first and then the shown new pump/motors.

Save Money and Keep Design You Have

We offer the original style pump/motor complete for those who want it. We ship the motor and wetend separately. You mate them and install.

Models will have 1-2 filters. Determine your filter by measurements

Some models offer 2-3 oval pillows as shown. Waterfall and waterfall control shown are OEM replacements.

Most models used 3 styles of jets as shown and some have the heater return nozzle as shown.

A. Stepdown transformer. Takes incoming power and lowers to 1-15vac to operate pcboard and mood light.

B. Mechanical OH sensor. Shuts down hot tub if gets above 115 degrees. When water cools sensor resets.

C. Pcboard to Heater connections.

D. Pressure Switch. Screws into heater and tells board if enough water pressure/flow is available to turn heater on.

E. Terminal block. Where 2 "Hots" from house attach to control box.

F. Main fuse. Typically 25-30a fuse. Protects control box from jet pumps drawing too much amperage.

G. Main incoming power terminals and Heater Output terminal.

H. Where all the spa's components attach to the pcboard.

I. When the sensors attach to the PCboard.

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