In the 1980's Roy Jacuzzi lead the leisure water industry to be free standing, self contained, and would heat and clean the water automatically. In the early 1990's Jacuzzi moved into electronic controled spas that offered more features and cleaned the water better.   Jacuzzi has been such a leader for so long the name Jacuzzi is synonymous with hot tubs.

This section focuses on hot tubs made Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath 1994-2002 under the Jacuzzi Bath's golden logo.

Parts for Jacuzzi Whirlpool Hot Tubs (JWB)

Air Blowers

On models with a "bubbling" effect of air coming out of the seats.


Exact quality replacement filters.


Heater and replacement parts that are made for your model.


Replace OEM jets for most models.

Mood Light

Light assemblies and bulbs


Replacement ozonators and accessories

PC Boards

OEM pcboards with current designed. Made to retrofit your spa


OEM replacement pillows

Hard to Find

Plumbing parts you can't find locally

Pressure/Flow Switches

Pressure and Flow switches you need for your hot tub

Pumps and Wetends

From individual replacement parts to the complete new pump/motor, we have it.

Retro Kits

We sell you what you need and then help you install and operate it. At a great price

Spa Side Controls

From Air Controls to Diverter Valves to Water Spout...
If its on top, this is it.


Temperature sensors and Overheat sensors.


A complete listing of topsides used on Jacuzzi Whirlpool Spas.

Water Spout

Jacuzzi's Rainbow Spout is such a great feature. See here for help.

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